Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight 925
45 Adapter


Each Goodfight collection is deeply inspired by music, and nearly every piece we design carries the undercurrent of playlists we curate each season. We partnered with our close friends at the legendary Good Art Hlywd foundry to create the 925-45 Adapter, a pendant / music accessory / collectible art-object--whatever you choose to use it as. The 45 rpm adapter was first introduced by the Webster-Chicago Corporation in 1949 (patented in 1952) as a solution to play RCA's 45 rpm single records on the new multi-speed record players that were rapidly growing in popularity. Their creation brought a wave of new adapters, most notably designs like the classic Recoton Three-Pronged adapter, the Duotone Six-Pronged "spider" design, the "Hutchinson" or "Braced" design of Thomas Hutchinson, which was actually directly commissioned by RCA president David Sarnoff himself. At its peak, the 45 adapter was being manufactured in the tens of millions every year, culminating in the now highly sought-after SX-2 "Entender" created by Mark McLaughlan while working as a DJ in the Boston area during the late 80's and early 90's. Now rare cult-classics, MacLaughlan die cut the plastic inserts in Ipswitch, MA and then conducted the final assembly and packaging by hand. Legendary

Ours are cast from 925-sterling silver in Good Art Hlywd's Los Angeles foundry with metal that is actually custom-produced on the premise. Shaped like a small record, the edge features a punk-poster style Bookings & Inquiries number (that you can actually call), and is fully functional on any record player. This "tiny-record" for your records is meant to be used to play records, worn as a pendant, carried as a pocket-totem, or collected as an art-object. It fits seamlessly on to our Ball & Chain necklace and any other Good Art chains, bracelets, or necklaces. Now available in limited quantities exclusively through "".

Styled with the Venus Bowler and Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight Ball & Chain Necklace

925 Sterling Silver produced and cast in Los Angeles
approx 1 1/2" diameter 1/4" tall
compatible with any 45 rpm record
Made in USA

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