Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight Ball Chain Bracelet

$185 exclusive

Good Art Hlywd's classic ball chain bracelet is made from solid 925 sterling silver - our good friends were kind enough to create a customized version for us with a GDFHT connector. The bracelet is tasteful, subtle, and easy to wear. Because of its high grade in silver quality, it doesn't need to be taken off in the shower and very minimally changes color with wear. All Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight pendants can fit onto this ball chain if so desired. Comes at a standard length and can easily be shortened with normal wire cutters to the desired length for any wearer.

Recommend pairing with the Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight Logo Lacelock


approx 9 1/4"L

Yamato is 6'1"


925 Sterling Silver produced and cast in Los Angeles
Made in USA

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