Good Art Hlywd for Goodfight Clasp & Ball Necklace


The Clasp & Ball necklace was inspired by vintage "thai baht" clasps commonly seen on old Eastern jewelry, mixing the bold look of the ball chain design with the distinct elegance of the clasp. Bales on each end of the ball chain slide conveniently on and off either side of the clasp, which also perfectly fits any charms. Squeeze sides to keep chain from slipping when on, and pull edges to loosen when taking off. Since the necklace is solid 925 Sterling silver, the necklace can be worn in the shower and never taken off according the wearer's preference, and will take on a subtle patina with wear.


Eli is 6'1"

Look 1 - 16in necklace styled with the Marilyn Monsoon Shirt and Sling Tee
Look 2 - 21in necklace styled with Pearl & Big Fish charms and Sling Tonic Tee
Look 3 - 16in & 21in necklaces styled with Sling Tee
Look 4 - 16in necklace styled with Pearl charm and Pie In The Sky Shirt
Look 5 - 16in necklace styled with Sling Tonic Tee


925 Sterling Silver produced and cast in Los Angeles
Made in USA

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