Goodfight DSM Exclusive "Summertone Set" Venus Bowler Shirt


"The Summertone Set" revisits the signature Venus Bowler Shirt design from the "Undertones" collection in all new colorways and a silver-tone embroidery. While the venus flytrap has an aggressive stereotype, the plant is also quite delicate and require ideal environments to survive. Chosen for its illustration of the inescapable tension and cycle between strength and weakness, the embroidery also suggests the haunting paradox of violence and beauty. The embroidery is not a single reflected image—each plant has been illustrated separately and is unique in its artistic detail.


Fits true to size, boxy body, slightly cropped. However, if you have a longer torso and are worried about length, recommend sizing up from what you normally wear.


100% Acetate Satin
Custom Venus Flytrap Embroidery
Made in Japan

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