Grand Tour Pant

$154.5 $515

The Grand Tour Pant is a very special new style that is another great example of car design philosophy influencing the concept of the pant design. While the style references a classic Vietnam pant, our designer created a very special pocket design which takes a single panel of fabric which is folded over and then stitched back on either side. This creates an independent pocket that has a "vented" bottom, which has a subtle, yet unique look when the pants are worn. This construction was used on the front and back pockets, our special take on a classic, the paneling & "venting" features referencing aerodynamic body features and exhaust vents on a car. As mentioned on the Grand Tour Vest, the plaid was partially chosen because it personally reminded one of the team members of the fabric used on the racing seats in his old Volkswagon GTI.


The pants are a high-rise wide-leg fit that is meant to be worn baggy. Can be worn high-waisted or low and casual on the hips, depending on the outfit and preference.


56% Polyester 44% Cotton - Japanese
Made in USA

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