Permapress Trouser

$95 $390

The Permapress Trouser is a cropped trouser with a relaxed fit and medium rise. The defining feature of the pants is a permanently stitched pleat in the front and back of each leg, giving the piece a crisp, clean style that doesn't need to be constantly pressed to maintain its classy look. While other similar bottoms use a simpler tuck & stitch design, each leg of the Permapress features four separate panels in order to provide a more structured, elegant silhouette that bells subtly at the bottom. This detail is also carried through the back pockets, which are two separate panels each.


Eli is 6'1" and wears a size 32
Styled with a Sling Tee

Fits true to size, meant to be worn slightly cropped, but can also be worn oversize. Has a medium rise so trousers can be worn high or low. 1" tailoring-style seam allowance in the seat of the pants allows for convenient size adjustment if necessary.


64% Polyester, 34% Rayon, 2% Polyurethane

Made in USA

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