Turbo Flow Shirt

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The Turbo Flow Shirt utilizes the silhouette of a classic baseball shirt to capture the feeling of speed and maneuvering, expressed in the curved lines of the placket and raglan sleeve construction. We used a suiting polyester to create an elevated look for a typically more casual style.

The highlight of the shirt is of course the back embroidery. The motif of “8” was originally brought in as a play on the infinity symbol (∞), inspired by the Hollywood Forever sign, which has been introduced in certain items from previous Goodfight seasons as a symbol of longevity. It takes center stage for SS20 and is open to interpretation depending on the wearer. In eastern culture, the number “8” represents good fortune; three in a row signifies “triple fortune”. The artwork of the baseball shirt may draw recognition from tuner culture enthusiasts as a nod to “Speed Shop Shinohara” a legendary tuning shop from the eighties and nineties, famous for building a real life version of the infamous Devil Z car from classic manga comic Wangnan Midnight. “GO WITH THE FLOW” holds very special personal significance for the Goodfight team. Our creative director's grandfather was a military veteran who lived through two wars, past the ripe age of 100. When we asked him the secret to living so long (and still being so healthy!) he gave us four words: "Go with the flow." This quote is an homage to his wisdom and also a layered reference to racing culture.


The Turbo Flow Shirt can be worn by itself, but we recommend wearing it as a layering piece like a shirt-jacket. Worn open or closed, the suiting gives the shirt a very beautiful drape. Boxy fit.


100% Polyester
Made in USA

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